In 2010, we became the sole North American licensee of the Sonneville Low Vibration Track(LVT) System. Sonneville is headquartered in Switzerland and is a sister company of Vigier Rail AG, which manufactures various concrete rail products for the Swiss and European markets. 

Over the years we have formed a strong working partnership to develop mutually beneficial expertise in LVT slab track design, production and construction. Sonneville has a vast experience working on vibration damping solutions around the world and has become a leader in the industry.  Due to Europe’s higher adoption rate of mass rail transit systems, Sonneville has been able to hone their craft over the years. The trains travel larger distances and reach higher speeds, all of which present challenges that allow Sonneville to build their knowledge in solving noise and vibration issues. Our partnership has allowed Construction Polymer Technologies to utilize their expertise and incorporate it into the solutions we provide to the North American market.

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