Since the mid-1980’s Construction Polymer Technologies has developed and supplied customized solutions for rail mass transit systems. Throughout history, professionals in the transit industry have observed that rumbling and ground borne noise negatively impact everyday life. 

This phenomenon is most prevalent when the tracks are built on a concrete slab, commonly found with tracks in a tunnel. Ronald Raymond, founder of Construction Polymer Technologies, pioneered innovative solutions to reduce the rumbling; by developing products that decrease vibrations and allow tracks to be more resilient. 

As a company, we believe in the importance of continuous research and development to continue in Ronalds pioneering  spirit. We strive to provide the best vibration damping and electrical isolation products found in the industry for transit railway track construction and maintenance of way.

From Left to Right: Rick Steininger (V.P. of Sales and Marketing), Russell Raymond (President), Alec Raymond (Project Manager), Martin Fink (Former VP Sonneville).

Our products increase the resiliency in tracks to promote increased longevity and durability of the system and the rail cars. We utilize specialized polymers in our products to reduce the rumbling in the surrounding environment and also provide a more comfortable ride experience for passengers. We take pride in our solutions that help provide affordable mass transit options that are less disruptive to peoples’ lives.

Benefits for Vibration Damping Products

• Increases the longevity and durability of track structure and rolling stock

• Provides a more comfortable experience for passengers

• Decreases the ground borne noise produced by trains

Benefits for Electrical Isolation Products

• Prevents stray current from interfering with surrounding pipes and equipment

• Insulates the third rail

• Improves the installation rates through ease of installation features