CPT offers a wide range of customizable contact rail system components that provide key installation advantages and maintain or enhance the safety of the contact rail system. Our products include:

  • Cover Boards
  • Cover Board Brackets
  • Third Rail Insulators (“Easy Shim” designs)
  • Combination Insulator-Tie Extensions “CITE”
  • Tie Extensions (Ultra High Strength Pultruded Polyurethane)

See below for a detailed explanation of each!

Cover Board (Protection Board)

CPT’s cover boards provide maximum protection for personnel and the contact rail. Our cover boards are made from material that provides high levels of electrical insulation, and meets stringent low-smoke toxicity/flame spread requirements.

Our unique 5-Slot coverboard design incorporates a bolt headlock feature that allows for one person to quickly and easily install the cover board. With the 5-Slot system we also offer a Splice that allows for the easy curvature of the cover board as well as a unique Shoe Deflector that is used at end approaches.

Cover Board (Protection Board) Brackets

CPT’s protection board/coverboard brackets are made from an electrically isolating fiberglass material (IDI 46-16-60) that is proven to withstand hostile environments and is widely used in the transit industry.

CPT’s brackets are designed to withstand heavy static and impact loads. Our brackets incorporate design features that make installation a quick and easy, one-person task. We can provide brackets for top running, under running and side running contact rail systems.

Third Rail Insulators (“Easy Shim” designs)

CPT can provide both fiberglass and porcelain insulators, for top-running, underrunning or side-running contact rail systems. We can develop an insulator specific to your application, or offer stock insulators. Our “Easy-Shim” design allows for the quick and easy shimming of insulators without the need to unbolt the insulator or remove the third rail.

Combination Insulator Tie Extensions “CITE”

The CPT CITE is an insulator and tie extension incorporated into a highly robust contact rail support device. The CITE can accommodate all sizes of contact rail, and most contact rail to running rail configurations. Our CITE uses the same shimming methodology as our Easy Shim insulators.

Tie Extensions (Ultra High Strength Pultruded Polyurethane)

Our CPT tie extension is produced in a unique polyurethane resin matrix. This offers a superior pultruded profile with exceptional strength. The CPT polyurethane tie extension offers up to triple the strength of traditional tie extensions produced with polyester and vinyl ester. CPT can provide tie extensions in custom lengths, with any type of customer specified nut/backing plate.